Saturday, June 21, 2008

Merry Christmas ... in June :)

My first Christmas card for 2008 is ready! Am I quick or what? :-D

I really like this little Xmas tree stamp so I put three of them on the card. The white one is embossed with Snowflake powder and looks very nice for real, with tiny silver flakes in it. I made another tree in gold (no Christmas without a bit of gold in it, don't you think?) and the third one in red. Silly me :(, I forgot to use a clear ink for this one and stamped it in green too, which made the glittery red powder not show at it should. I'll pay more attention next time, I promise.

The rest is peel offs and a ready-made greeting. Even if it's a clumsy beginner's card, I think it can be used when Christmas comes.
I wish it would come sooner, we are having very hot weather over here and I hate it.

Have a mighty fine weekend everybody!

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