Monday, June 9, 2008

A new hobby

Hello from Romania!
This is my first ever blog and I am still learning how to work with it, so please be gentle if you come here and see any "weird" things on the screen. I am probably playing with the settings.

In August last year (2007) I've been 'dragged' [*
wink wink*] into card making by a very good friend I've met on the Internet. She's a very talented crafter, my hero and my benefactor. She's been helping me with lots of crafting supplies and lured me into this fantastically relaxing hobby which is card making. Thank you Lady (you know who you are), I am forever in your debt.

I thought I'd start this blog to show other people, who might be interested, that crafting your own cards isn't the '
rocket-science' I always thought it was. Lacking any artistic talent I would have never thought it possible for me to actually CREATE anything. But I managed to do it and it's just great! :)

I will share in here the cards I've made and the ones I will make, I will talk about various techniques (
none invented by me, unfortunately) and also a few graphic elements used for making cards, elements I made myself. You'll see what's all about in my future posts.


Hev said...

Hello Mada :)
Looking forward to seeing more of your blog!!
I cant believe you didnt think you had any artistic talent!! Hope you believe in yourself now!!

Hugs Heather

Mada_Ro said...

I'm not sure I believe too much in myself as an 'artist'. I still don't feel artistic in any way. :) But I am very happy to have seen another side of me, one I never knew existed, and I am having fun, fun, fun working with cards.