Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The FIRST card I've ever made

My first experiment as a crafter was Teabag folding. It is an Origami technique much easier to accomplish, in my opinion. Of course, maybe it's not as spectacular as some real Origami but it looks very very good on greeting cards. Teabag folding originated in Holland and consists of folding small squares of patterned paper and then joining them together to form a flower-like medallion. Credit for its origin is given to Tiny van der Plaas. Sitting at her table, worrying about a birthday card for her sister that she had forgotten to pick up, Tiny van der Plaas began folding her fruit tea bag envelope thus inventing Teabag folding.

I first read about it on Circle of Crafters website and started exercising with the simplest and easiest fold - the Kite fold.

So after folding 8 squares of printed paper and forming the medallion I worked on the rest of my card. I took an A4 sheet of cardstock and folded in two. In the lower right corner I glued half of the tile (the small printed paper square) and in the lower left corner I added first a triangle of a darker shade than the basic card and over it I glued another smaller triangle of lilac card. It looked a bit too 'nude' ;) so I used some nail stickers to line the margin of the lilac triangle. Isn't that awesome? You can use anything to make a card.
Finally, I attached the medallion to the the card and cut out a round shape from a metallic bubble envelope to use in the middle of the medallion. My first card was ready!

Not too bad, eh? :-D


Hev said...

Hi Mada :)

I love your card :) Your folding is so neat!!!

Shall pop in more often now I know you have a blog :)

Hugs, Heather

Mada_Ro said...

Wow, Hev, you've been quick! :)
I am just setting it up, there's still a lot of work to do around here.
But it's fun :).
Thanks for visiting!

2 Worlds said...

Great job !
Congratulations in opening the blog

Donna said...

wow! this is great for your first card, don't you just love this new hobby?!? thanks for visiting my blog