Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dutch Dare Challenge #16 - card for a boy/man

This Challenge's theme was easy for me as two weekends ago I have made a birthday card for a very special "boy" ;) - I hope he received it by now.

It was my first attempt at an "Inchies Panel Card" and I am glad I finished it. With my fat fingers is not easy to work with such small squares. :)

Here it is:

The stamp used for the 'inchies' is a Mary Hughes design coloured with watercolour pencils.

Thank you for stopping by :)

Whiff of Joy - Challenge #1

I shouldn't have the nerve to compete with the cards I saw posted for this challenge, but as I am a big fan of WoJ stamps I couldn't resist.

For their first ever Challenge, we had to use Katharina's sketch and, of course, a WoJ stamp.

The sketch to follow is this:

And this is my card for the challenge:

I've used Dovecraft DP, a few punched snowflakes "coloured" with glitter glue (but the glue is clear not glittered - don't know how they're called or who made them), some peel-offs for the middle "ribbon" and the sentiment plus a bit of sparkling powder around the
Carol singing Charlotte.

Nothing much but I had a fabulous time producing it :)

[ I'm sorry it's just a scan, but my digital camera is not working anymore :( ]

Thanks for looking!

Long time no see... and some more gorgeous RAKs

Hello, it's me! :)

Yes, I am still alive and currently trying to reverse to 'normal'.
My Mum had her surgery two weeks ago (after another 2 weeks in the hospital for tests and observation) and she's been back home since Wednesday. I am really happy she survived the surgery and is feeling better every day. The doctors couldn't clean the tumour 100% so by mid-October she'll start some chemo or radiotherapy.

I never imagined that having her home would be such a "full-time job". But I am so happy she's here and I do it gladly. Her appetite is back and she's hungry all the time and craves for various stuff which I immediately go buy or cook for her.

It is still a bit difficult to find free time for myself alone and I really, really miss not being able to make cards and post them in here or read all your adorable and inspiring blogs and leave my 2 cents. :)
I did sneak a peek every now and then so basically I know what each of you has been up to ;)

I came here today for a public "Thank You!". In fact there are two of them for two extraordinary ladies.

*** The first is for Karin who has sent me a big box of goodies. There's everything in there: paper pads, embelishments, ribbons, scalloped cards, card kits and about a TON (I swear!) of stamp prints.
She also sent a lovely, lovely card for me and an even lovelier one for my Mum who enjoyed it lots.
I am sorry I could not take a photo of all the things Karin sent, but my camera decided to die on me so I am left with only my scanner. It works fine for cards but not for 'packages'.

Karin, thanks a whole lot! You're a very special person and a very good friend. I am forever grateful and in your debt.

*** The second "Thank you!" is addressed to Katharina, the lovely lady in charge of "Whiff of Joy" :)
She has RAK-ed me with a gorgeous Snowflake stamp. I found it "lost" in my stamps order (Yay! I managed to spoil myself with two more WoJ stamps) and didn't know what happened. I thought it got misplaced while she prepared her many orders/enevelopes and was just about to send it back. She gracefully announced me it's a gift for me.

Katharina, you have made one Romanian very very happy with your kindness and generosity - Thank you so much! :)

By the way... I am hoping everybody noticed the top quality of the Whiff of Joy stamps. :) The impression/stamping is flawless, each tiny detail shows. I also noticed that they clean very well, the rubber is high quality and it doesn't stain easily if at all. And mind you, I have no cleaning stuff whatsoever all I'm using are baby wipes.

This is for you, "K" ladies :)

[I wish I could send them for real]