Sunday, June 15, 2008

About tiles and folds and where to find them :)

Since my first ever card, the one I posted last time, I've played with TBF [Tea Bag Folding] a lot and made many other cards. Some of them I'm really pleased with, most of them I'm not :) but I am happy I was able to produce them with my own two hands.
Here are a few
of the TBF cards I've made...
You might notice that apart from different colours and layouts, the folding of each medallion is different too. A lot of very talented and imaginative people came up with various ways in which to fold lil' squares of paper and assemble them together.
When you're at the first encounter with teabag folding the easiest is to start with the basic folds - the Kite Fold, the Half Kite Fold, the Basic Triangle Fold.
**In TBF most medallions need 8 tiles**

You will, of course :), need some tiles too. If you make your own it's great fun. I use the "Kaleidoscope" Effect in Paint Shop Pro and play with any image to come up with many tiles. Or I design the pattern myself. Any image editor software can be used and there are also some specialized programs for kaleidoscope-ing ;).

If you don't know how, don't have the time or don't want to make your own tiles, you can download millions of them from the Internet, where nice people offer them for free (including me - lol).
My tiles are HERE - pick a category from the lefthand menu, I tried to sort them by colour.

Five tiles for you to play with right now.
**A teabag tile usually has 1.5" (4 cm), so the image must be resized when printing it. And remember, you need 8 tiles for a medallion. **

Next time I'll give you a list of links to more FREE teabag tiles and folding instructions.

Have fun!


Carolivy said...

Mada, I especially love the way you have done the second card. (they are all nice, but that one really catches my eye!)

Mada_Ro said...

Thank you, Carol!
The second card was an "accident" [lol] - It wasn't supposed to look that way but after adding the paper triangle with those leaves on it I got the brilliant ;) idea.