Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A paper dress for a special occasion

Over the weekend I tried to catch up with the monthly challenges on Circle of Crafters.
Each month we have challenges for Iris Folding, Tea Bag Folding, General Cards and Scrapbook pages - each with its specific requierements. I never submitted anything for Scrapbook pages but I will have to start one day :)

For now, here's the card I made for the Iris Folding challenge which this month was entitled "Fashion - no accessories".

I used a lovely pattern from Sarah at Snarffsplat Designs and it was the first time I tried a more complicated IF technique that was needed for this pattern - the Corner folds, created by Valita Reynolds in 2006.

Thank you both!

The pink-mauve backing paper on the card is the same I used for the dress. I also used a few small flower stamps in the Petal Pack set from TAC, some peel offs and an embossed sticker (the white flower in the upper right corner).

I shamelessly admit to being very proud of myself for mastering those folded corners :D
The card will soon travel to a good friend whose daughter will be 18 at the end of August.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will all have a great week!


2 Worlds said...

seems a lot of work !
Great card

Shea said...

these are very unique,
you should start your own card company and watch it grow

Hev said...

Wonderful Mada :)

You are an expert at those corner folds now :)

Good luck in the challenge I hope you win some well deserved goodies!!!

Have a fabulous day :)

circee said...

What a great card!! Excellent job!!

Mada_ro said...

Thanks everybody for nice comments :)

Jana, it WAS a lot of work but it was great fun!

Hev, good luck to you too, I've seen your fashion lady and it's fantastic.

Shea and Circee - I am glad you stopped by, hope I'll be seeing you again :D.

SHEA, I would LOVE to follow your advice but it's impossible for the moment. Here in Romania there aren't many people interested in handmade cards, in fact people are so busy working to make more money that they have no time to notice special dates (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) which gets forgotten quite often.
And, of course, I cannot currently afford not having a stable, fixed job and income. My crafting time is almost inexistent - Thank God for non-working weekends and sleepless nights! :)

I loved your "Pollock", your "Shadow", "The Lamp" (and its lovely 'aura') and the "Little Girl" drawing.
You're really talented and I wish you a bright and fulfilling future as an artist.