Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dutch Dare: Challenge #7

After I did the birthday card for Karin's blog candy, she kindly invited me to have a look at Dutch Dare - Card Challenges where she is a DT member.

Their current challenge, #7, is about making a round card. I never did a round card before [and honestly? I can't see myself doing another one soon :D] so it did sound like a fun challenge. I love learning new things.
And I like teaching too (my childhood dream was to become an English teacher) so here's a very small tutorial from me to you.

How to cut perfect non-circles

- take a pair of compasses and draw the perfect circles you need
- cut them out with scissors, the bigger the scissors the better :D
- now that you have your perfect non-circles you can start making your desired card.

I bet you'd never thought this new "technique" was so easy.

Living here in the 'middle ages', as far as crafting is concerned, I cannot find any supplies to buy in our shops. Oh, OK, apart from cardboard, double sided tape, masking tape, coloured pencils and markers (the 'regular' kind, no fancy variations) and wrapping papers (they're horrible for card making - too shiny and they don't have very nice prints). Some silly stickers too, when you're lucky you can find the Dufex type.

Most (all?) of my crafting supplies come from a very special friend in Jersey, Channel Islands, who 'dragged' me into card making and keeps sending me lots and lots of gifts so I can have stuff to work with.
A few times, I could afford to order online a few things and last year I've won a $120 gift voucher for Joanna Sheen in a monthly card challenge we are having over at Circle of Crafters
It was a draw, don't ever imagine my card won because it was the best. LOL

But among all the supplies I have, there's nothing to cut circles with, so first item on my shopping list is 4-5 punches and maybe an Xcut Shape Cutter. I am hoping to buy those in a month or two. Yiippee! :)

Until then ...

My round card for the Dutch Dare challenge #7 was done using the "tutorial" I offered above :-D

Click to enlarge

Thanks for looking!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend,
Mada xoxo


2 Worlds said...

Looks very collage !
great job

Karin said...

Hi Mada,

for a first time this really looks great.
Love the papers with the swirls and the butterfly.
Thanks for joining the Dutch Dare Challenge.

xoxo Karin

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great card! Love the pretty images and the colors. Thanks for playing along and making your fist circle card!

Hausfrau said...

I like it! And it looks perfectly circular to me. Definitely think this should *not* be your first and last round card (although, not being a card crafter myself, I must admit to not fully grasping your supply and equipment difficulties in relation to cutting out a circle...but that's neither here not there). If you try another round one that doesn't come out perfectly round, perhaps you could turn it into an apple or flower-shaped card? Or a bird's nest or something. Just let your creativity flow! :-)

Allison said...

This is lovely...what a unique creation!

Mel M. M. M. said...

That circle looks perfect to me! I laughed and laughed at your little smiley guy rolling on the floor. I think your tutorial is fantastic. Lots of people have compasses but not fancy circle cutters. :0) I love your fine super gorgeous embossing and the pretty collage look of this. Stunning! :0)

Claudia Rosa said...

wonderful creation!!
love this

malieta said...

You know did an amazing job with your card!!! I also love your embellishments..very pretty:)

Corinna said...

People should read this.