Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lovely Awards --- Thank You!

This week I've been awarded three times. I feel so unworthy because I am never a faithful blogger and my activity here is almost restricted to weekends only, which doesn't allow me to post and comment as much as I wish to. I cannot find the proper words to express my gratitude for the wonderful ladies who thought of me and offered me these awards. So I will only say a big, big THANK YOU!

  • The first award comes from Inger - I love her creations and her blog [it has some great music :D ]

First, I'm sending it back to Inger :)
Then, I am passing it on to all my blog followers and to each and everyone of you who ever left a comment in my blog. You know who you are :) so please accept the award and pass it on to your supporters.

  • The next award was given to me by one of my own - a Romanian crafter, Meda. I've come upon her blog very recently and was so excited to find it. I also fell in love with her Cuttlebug talents and creativity. Check her out, there's some great stuff in there. :)

"The PREMIO DARDOS AWARD" acknowledges the value of every blogger, showed in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday.
The Rules Are:
1. Accept the Award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person
that gave it to you and their blog link.
2. Past the Award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement.
Remember to contact them to let them know that they have been chosen for this award.

Now I'm in a tight corner, because it's so difficult to choose only 15 when I would like to give the award to probably 150 blogs I've seen and loved. To not send it along at all, for fear of leaving anyone out, would be uncivilized I guess.
Boy, this is tough...

OK, here we are:

I am offering the Premio Dardos Award to all my DT "co-workers" :) from Just Christmas and Birthday Cards - we are such a great mix, with each of us coming from another spot on this world's map. I love it that we are a cultural diversity, 10 different personalities in our own but with so many common ground between us.
Love you all girls and bless the day (and the person) who put us all together.

The award goes to:

- Karin

- Linda

- Tanja

- Rheannon

- Amanda

- Kristin

- Simone

- Janina

- Gry-Heidi

  • Now to the third award I've been given. Angie is the lovely lady who has thrown this heart in my direction. She's crafting all sorts of stuff - crads, crochet, knitting, dollshouses, cross stitch - you can tell she's one talented and very busy lady. :D
I haven't seen any specific rules for this one but Angie has pass it on to 5 other blogs so I'll just do the same.

My picks of love-spreaders are:






Thanks again to all of you who awarded me. It is much appreciated and I am forever grateful for your kindness and support.


Angelo said...

Thanks a lot for the award, Mada! I really, truly appreciate it! To be honest; I LOVE receiving awards, especially when they are followed with such kind words as yours did. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Have agreat day, Mada. Take care!

Hugs, Kristin :)

scotspanda said...

awww thanks Mada, how thoughtful of you to think of us :o)


Amanda xxx

Gry-Heidi said...

Thank you so much Mada!! I really appreciate it, it's so kind of you!

Have a great day:)

Big hugs, Gry-Heidi

Chris said...

Hi Mada, WOW, thank you so much for sending this great award to me, it means so much coming from you my friend. I haven't been in touch lately, my loss and I hope to improve on that very soon. I hope you're well and over that bad patch of long working hours now. You've made some gorgeous cards since I was last here and I can't thank you enough for show casing the digi stamps so beautifully and all the lovely links you've posted to them. I sent you a little package today and although I wanted it to be a surprise I know how your postal service is so I wanted you to be on the lookout. Hopefully it won't take a month this time LOL! Take care for now. Hugs, Chris xx

Meda said...

Salut Mada,

Se apropie weekendul deci stii ce inseamna asta: CRAFTING :)

Eu am in lucru o multime de invitatii plus obligatiile pentru cuttlebug plus scoala de pictura, dar cel putin asta ma face fericita.

Vroiam sa te rog sa completezi un chestionar de la provocraft cu ce ti-ai dori tu de la ei. Cine stie poate pui si tu mana pe ceva pdremiu de la ei.
Linkul si detaliile de participare sunt pe

Am mai auzit ca la Real in Bucuresti s-ar gasi masinaria Sizix care, din cate stiu eu, merge si cu cuttlebug. Cat despre ce se gaseste in Cluj, nici noi nu suntem mai grozavi, dar eu am facut ce am facut si mi-am cumparat din alte tari (Germania, Ungaria, SUA). Chiar ma gandeam sa cumparam mai multe chestii ca sa pot da si la altii care ar fi interesati, dar nu se aventureaza la cumparaturi online.

Heather "Hev" said...

You deserve all of these awards Mada :)

We all understand that its hard for you to blog as much as you did - sadly blogging doesnt pay the bills!!

Take Care of yourself :)

Macpurp said...

well done you on all these beautiful awards!
hope life is being kinder to you xx

love tina xx

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Oh Mada! You are soooooooh wonderful!!! :O) I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness! I love that I'm a spreader of the LOVE! heehee. What a great award and the sweetest honour. You made my day in a HUGE way!!!! I hope you're doing really really well; don't you worry about constantly blogging. Your posts are amazing whenever you can make them & I know all too well how life can get in the way! :O) Thanks again from the bottom of my heart & Big Hugs to You, :O) mel

Ninchen said...

hello mada!
thanks for the awards!
i have some problems with blogger and i´ll try it later again...i hope it works now!

xoxo janina