Monday, December 1, 2008

Many, Many Yummy (blog) Candies

The kindness and generosity of blog people has always amazed me. I've been even more amazed at some of the Blog Candies for this month.
Christmas has started early my friends, and here I present you the dear Santas who are offering us some absolutely gorgeous presents :

Check out Karin's candy and see the goodies for yourself! :)
Candy closes on DECEMBER 7th.
Winner will be announced the day after.

Pop up at their place and be a kid again, opening one window a day with lots of excitement and treating yourself with a chance to win
gorgeous WoJ stamps.

  • The lovely Crafty C-laire is giving away a fabulous candy to celebrate her over 36,000 hits in just over a year.
May there be many more ahead! :)
You really need to see for yourself her loooooooooong list of gifts - they are all fab! [ a few of them I would kill for :-D]
Take care and do so until Sunday 14th DECEMBER, when
the yummy offer ends.

  • Now go have a look at Artfully Ila. OK, at her picture too if you so wish :), but I was actually sending you to see the two goodie packs she's offering - you won't believe your eyes how many fantastic things are in there. And you even get a chance to brag about your favorite Christmas movie or your favorite Christmas song.
If you find all that as tempting as I did, enter yourself
into the competition... by Wednesday night DECEMBER 3rd.
Not much time left so hurry up people! :)

Now I just have to go and put my name on those lists.... bye-bye!

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Ila said...

Thanks so much Mada for entering my blog candy and spreading the news...Good Luck!!..Hugs, Ila