Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged Twice

I should definitely start with my sincere apologies to all of you, for not visiting and/or commenting for a whole week. :(
I was so busy (and totally drained) with work and home that I could not find any spare time for crafting or for any sort of "me" time. Someday soon (I hope) things will get better and less hectic and I'll be back to normal.

Over this last week I've been tagged twice - first by Karin then by Laura.

Let's start with Karin's one :)

Things I love:
[I won't mention family, my doggie or other loved persons, they go without saying :) - I will try to stick with "things" only]

1. Nature - provides me with a small wonder everywhere I look and everytime I need one
(I always hated living in a big, crowded, noisy, dusty big city and always wished to be living in the country. To hear the birds in the morning, smell the flowers, grow my own fruits and vegetables, live life at a slower pace and in fresher air.)
2. Books - love to have them, buy them, smell them, touch them, read them, re-read them and share them so other people can enjoy a great story/novel/poem too.
3. Music - I listen to it every day for as long as possible - radio, walkman, cassette player, computer - there's music playing almost every minute I'm awake.
4. Scotland :) - visited once, four years ago, and fell in love for life. Everything in there is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l : the people, the landscape, the history, the food ;) and, for me, even the weather.
5. Writing utensils - pens, pencils, markers, anything you can use for writing. I really don't know where this love comes from but I always felt the urge to have all the pens/pencils/markers available everywhere. Crazy, isn't it? :D

Things I don't love

1. Cruelty and violence of any kind (from verbal to torture and killing), especially the one directed at small children or animals.
2. People who don't take responsibility for their own words, actions and personal choices.
3. Hot weather
4. Drunk people [grew up with an alcoholic father and my first boyfriend was one too - one never learns, eh? :D].
5. Seafood

Favorite Food/Drinks

1. Ice Cream
2. Pumpkin seeds
3. Coffee (decaf)
4. Sausages (any possible sort of)
5. Cucumber

Songs on your Ipod/playlist
[right now or in general? ;) - OK, here are five on my Winamp playlist as we speak]

1. James Taylor - Shower the People
2. Capercaillie - Miracle of Being
3. Big Mountain - Baby I Love Your Way
4. Chris de Burgh - The Same Sun
5. Van Morrison - Into the Mystic


Now to Laura's :)

4 Jobs I've had:

1. Transferring old documents onto microfilm - for the National Archives ( for 2 years)

2. Drafter and then technician - doing structural and architectural drawings for the construction of the Metro/Underground in Bucharest (fro the last 26 years and going on...)

4 Movies I've seen more than once:
probably 15 times each]

1. My Fair Lady

2. Sound of Music

3. A Beautiful Mind

4. As Good As It Gets

4 Places I have lived:

1. Bucharest, Romania

4 TV shows I watch:
I haven't watched TV in years, but when I did...]

1. Forsyte Saga

2. Bewitched

3. Dear John

4. Seinfeld

4 Favorite places I've been:

1. Busteni, Romania - a small town on the Prahova Valley - love it!

2. Glasgow, Scotland

3. Oban, Scotland (
I dream of moving there when I retire - dream on, Mada!)

4. Fort Augustus, Scotland - adorable tiny village at one end of Loch Ness

4 People who text me regularly:
(this is about the cell phone, yes? :D)

1. My brother

2. My friend Jeanina

4 favorite foods:

1. Sausages

2. Pastry

3. Polenta with cottage cheese and sour cream

4. Potato salad

4 places I would want to visit:

1. England

2. Australia

3. Peru

4. Nepal

4 things I look forward to next year:

Hmmm...very difficult to decide...let's say... ANY bit of "good" that might come my way.

Now who to tag and how, seeing that there are two types of "tagging"?

I'll tag 5 people and they will be free to choose which 'test' to do and pass forward :)

I am tagging:







Heather "Hev" said...

Hi Mada :)

I will definitely play along - when I get 5 minutes!!!

FOund a huge booboo I have to fix on top of everything else - argh!!!!

Laura said...

Buna, Mada! Mi-am dat seama ca esti ocupata, nu-ti face griji ca n-ai raspuns mai curand. Nici la mine n-a fost mai usoara saptamana si abia am avut timp sa sarbatoresc Halloweenul (ma rog, Samhain-ul, in cazul meu). Azi am fost in greva, asa ca am avut un weekend mai lung (si o zi neplatita pe cartea de munca... ma rog...). Mi-au placut raspunsurile tale, foarte mult! :)